Parking for Men’s Basketball Games

Parking for men’s basketball games is available in various lots and garages:

  • The cost for University Avenue and Comstock Avenue garages is $35
  • The Comstock Ave./Colvin Street lots are available for $30, with shuttle service to Main Campus
  • Charter buses can be parked at the Comstock Ave. lot for $60
  • All parking is cashless. Customers may pay via credit card (including tap and pay), or through Google Pay or Apple Pay.
  • Game attendees riding in limousines, please reference the campus limousine parking policy

For Lyft and Uber pickup/drop-off, please use Crouse Ave. or follow signage to the corner of Standart Street and Stadium Place.

Faculty, staff, and students attending the game will have their parking permits honored at the Comstock Ave. lot with free shuttle service to Main Campus. Home lot permits will not be accommodated on basketball game days.

For those with tags signifying a medical condition, accessible parking is available in the Skytop lot for $30 with free shuttle transportation provided from the Skytop lot to gate A of the Dome.

Parking for those coming to campus for academic needs during basketball games will be offered on a space-available basis at the Comstock Avenue Garage, University Ave. North, University Ave. South, Harrison, Ostrom, Comstock Ave., and Colvin St. lots as long as you have a valid SU faculty/staff or student permit. Please remember that the garages will close 1.5 hours after the game ends. For those with tags signifying a medical condition, parking will be provided in the lot designated on the face of the permit on a space-available basis. If no spaces are available, permit holders will be directed to the next closest location.

For the complete men’s basketball game schedule, please visit Syracuse University Athletics.

Please see the links below for game day parking locations: