For Employees

The Accessible Transportation Supervisor is a single point of contact for Employees to coordinate accessible parking and transportation options on campus.

Contact: Jamee Corsello (Accessible Transport Supervisor)


Phone: 315-443-1049

Employees seeking a specific parking or transportation service should obtain a referral from the Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Accessible Transportation Service Options

Note: All campus transportation services (Centro and ‘Cuse Trolleys) are fully accessible.

What are other transport services available?

Syracuse University Office of Parking and Transportation Services provides extensive bus service on and off campus. More information is available at the Parking and Transportation Services website, or by calling 315.443.4652. Bus schedules are available online and at student centers around campus.

Access ‘Cuse: Door-to-door service from any University parking lot to your office. Multiple rides are offered between campus buildings.

Employees who need the services of Access ‘Cuse must have an approved accommodation from the Accommodation Specialist. Contact the Accommodation Specialist at

The Accommodation Specialist will meet with you to determine your eligibility for the service. All approved accommodation referrals will be directed to the Accessible Transportation Supervisor, to set up the initial schedule.

Accessible Parking Options

Accessible parking spaces and permits are designated by signs bearing the International Symbol of Accessibility (Wheelchair). These spaces are for use by students, faculty, and staff members with disabilities as defined by federal and state law, holding a government issue placard.

If you hold a government-issued plate or placard and already have an SU parking permit for a specific lot, please provide a copy of that government-issued plate or placard to Parking Services and you can use the designated disabled parking spaces in your assigned lot. A government accessible placard permits you to park in an accessible spot ONLY in the University lot or garage for which you have a valid permit.

If you do not already have an SU parking permit, upon providing a copy of the government-issued placard to Parking Services, you will be granted the ability to apply for and purchase a disabled parking permit (at regular rates) based on space availability.

Faculty and staff with temporary disability needs should first coordinate with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

To request a parking lot change:

A referral to the Accessible Transport Supervisor is required to determine if a parking lot change is appropriate.  As an interim measure, you will be assigned to the Henry Street lot (Formerly Fine lot) which has a fully accessible trolley that runs on a regular basis throughout the day.  *When the trolley is not running (e.g., evenings, weekends, and University breaks), the Henry Street permit allows for parking in orange lots on campus.

*After the initial accommodation expires, a new one will be required for an extension.