For Employees

Accommodation Procedure

Employees who are in need of transportation accommodations can visit the Equal Opportunity and Resolution Services website to complete and submit all necessary documentation to the accommodations specialist, Melanie Domanico.

Upon meeting with the accommodations specialist, if a transportation accommodation is determined to be appropriate, a referral will be sent to the accessible transportation coordinator. All those referred will receive a call to set up a schedule that accommodates your work schedule.

Access ‘Cuse

Access ‘Cuse offers point to point transit from your parking lot to your office. Upon approval through EOIRS the accessible transportation coordinator will set up an initial schedule. If you only need the service on an as needed basis, please let the accessible transportation coordinator know.

Please note: All parking accommodations require the purchase of a University parking permit. If you do not already possess a permit at the time your accommodation is determined, you will need to purchase one. The permit price will depend on the location and duration of the accommodation given. If you have any questions regarding permit pricing please contact the accessible transportation coordinator.