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Request A Safety Escort

To request a safety escort, download the Orange Safe app (available on both Apple and Android devices), click on “Getting Around SU,” then “Safety Escort Shuttle,” and click on “Request Safety Shuttle.”

Fall 2023 Updates to the Safety Escort Service

Use of a University Address

In an effort to decrease wait time for all users, beginning August 14, 2023, all requests to the safety escort service will need to utilize a Syracuse University campus address as either its pick-up or drop-off location.

East Campus Shuttle

Responding to the large number of escort requests along the Euclid Avenue and Westcott Avenue corridors, Parking and Transportation Services will utilize a trolley operating along a fixed route through the East Neighborhoods. We hope that putting a larger vehicle into service in an area serving many students will allow more students to receive their safety escort in a timely manner.

Shuttle Schedules and Maps

Safety Escort FAQs

When does Parking and Transportation Services provide safety escorts?

The Parking and Transportation Services safety escort shuttle will operate nightly from 8 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. (Academic Year)
and from 8:00 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. (Summer Hours).

The primary resources for safe student transportation on campus are the Centro bus system and the ‘Cuse Trolley system. You should familiarize yourself with the bus and trolley schedules and plan your activities around the schedule. When the buses and trolley services are not available, Parking and Transportation Services staff will provide a safety escort to students, faculty, and staff from on‐campus or near‐campus locations to another on‐campus location, or if necessary, from on campus to your near‐campus residence.

The safety escort service is not a commuter ride service. These escorts are solely for your safety and not for convenience.

How long will I have to wait for the person escorting me to arrive?

You may have to wait for more than 90 minutes because the shuttle drivers may be assisting other students. Additionally, the shuttles may be delayed by traffic or weather conditions. The Orange Safe app will provide an estimated wait time when you request your ride. Here is the chart dispatchers will utilize when setting estimated wait times:

Wait times for safety escorts

If there is a true emergency or if your life is in immediate danger, please call the Department of Public Safety (DPS) at 315.443.2224. The DPS communications center is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Why are the wait times so long?

Though factors influencing wait times can vary, Parking staff have noticed three significant trends driving wait times:

  • When it is raining or the weather is unsettled, the volume of requests for safety escorts rises.
  • No-shows. This could happen for a variety of reasons, but when a ride is requested and added to the queue for pick-up, the shuttle driver will be sent to that location unless the request is canceled. If the person submitting the request has left the area or has found another way to their desired destination, the driver will still arrive and will remain at the location for several minutes, which causes further delays and longer wait times. Parking recommends that as a courtesy to fellow riders, those deciding not to use the service cancel their requests so that the shuttle drivers can proceed without delay to the next person waiting in line.
  • Large Number of Requests at 8 p.m.: As the safety escort service begins operations at 8 p.m., a large number of requests come in right away (sometimes as many as 50% of all requests each night occur between 8-9 p.m.) This drives up wait times right away, as drivers respond to the rush of requests as soon as the service begins.

How many people are using this service?

The dashboard linked here shows how many escort requests were made over the course of the previous 14 days.

If I am walking with three or more friends, am I safe?

Walking in groups of three or more in well‐traveled, well‐lit areas should pose no problems. DPS has found that, while the chances of being the victim of a crime are actually very low, most street crime incidents occur at night, in poorly‐lit areas, and involve students walking alone or with only one other person.

You can also enable the Safe Walk feature on the Orange Safe app. Send your location in real-time to a friend so they can watch you as you walk to your destination. They’ll watch you and can trigger a call to emergency services if necessary. It is as simple as sending a text message to a family or friend and they will be sent a link used to follow you. Once you reach your destination, you can simply disconnect.

I called DPS about my safety escort and they directed me to Parking. Why is Parking and Transportation Services in charge of this service?

In 2020, Syracuse University hired former U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch to conduct an independent review of the Department of Public Safety. She made 53 recommendations regarding the processes and procedures of the DPS. One of her recommendations was that DPS be removed from the safety escort process. This was completed on July 1, 2021, when Parking and Transportation Services assumed supervision of the service.

Why did you introduce a new safe ride system in 2022?

At Syracuse University, we continue to look for opportunities to enhance the campus community’s experience by leveraging the latest technology. The new app-based system will increase communication between the user and the system, including:

  1. Emails and/or texts from the system indicating:
    1. Your request has been approved AND a driver has been dispatched.
    2. Your driver’s arrival and location, indicating your driver’s location so you can find them easier.
    3. Note: Please look out for emails (possibly in your junk folder) from our System called “Veoci” and the emails will come from “Safety Escort Shuttle.”
  2. The ability to check the status of your ride request.
  3. Submitting feedback/suggestions so we can continue to identify opportunities to better serve you.

Shuttle Area of Operation