Commuter Students

Students living in the greater Syracuse area and commuting to Syracuse University should purchase their parking permits through MySlice. All students NOT living in Syracuse University housing are considered commuter students.

Students may purchase a park and ride permit for the Colvin Street Lot (Formerly Manley South) and Skytop parking lots for a nominal fee. There is a free shuttle bus service between Colvin Street, Comstock Ave, Skytop, and Main Campus. Please check campus and Syracuse area bus schedules.

Students may place themselves on the waitlists based on established eligibility criteria, beginning at 9 AM on October 7, 2024.

Permits are valid in any “Orange” lot (lots with orange signage posted at the entrances) after 4:30 p.m. until 7 a.m. and all day on weekends except during Dome events. Orange lots include, Comstock Ave Garage (when an attendant is present, then garage locks down), Harrison, University Ave South Lot, University Ave North Lot, Irving Ave Hill Lot, Raynor Ave Lot, Henry St. Lot, Standart West Lot, Ostrom, College Place Lot, Women’s Building North, Women’s Building South, Comstock Ave, Colvin Street and Skytop Lot.

Garage and lot directions are available here.

Connective Corridor

Ride on the Connective Corridor bus for transportation to Downtown Syracuse.

Park and Ride Service to Syracuse University

Centro provides numerous trips to our campus that do not involve transferring to another bus, commonly referred to as “park and ride service.”

Centro Bus

Bus pass information and application.