Employee Parking Application

Parking is available for faculty and staff by assignment in various locations on campus. Assignments are based on titles, years of service to the University, on a space available basis, and payment of the applicable permit fee. Permits are valid from August 1 through July 31 each year.

Employees may purchase their parking permits through MySlice, at the Parking and Transit Services link.* 

Should a faculty or staff member surrender their parking permit, the faculty or staff member may be subject to forfeiture of their current assignment, wait lists, and other parking restrictions on a space-available basis.

To determine if and where you are eligible to purchase a permit, please see the 2019 – 2020 Employee Lot Assignment Criteria** [PDF] and Fees** [PDF].

*If you cannot purchase your parking permit through the MySlice portal, please download, complete, and submit the Employee Parking Application Form [PDF]

**For an accessible version of this file, please contact Parking and Transit Services at parkmail@syr.edu.