Department Guest Parking Reservation Request

Due to technical issues this Department Guest Reservation page is down. Please email your requests to department guest reservations at Please include all of the information normally needed for guest reservations, in your email.

Please be advised that, we are currently using new 2022-2023 Fiscal Year Standing ID. Please make sure you submit your requests with the new standing ID#, that has been set up with Parking and Transportation Service. If you haven’t set up your departments new standing ID yet, please do it now before submitting your request. The link below will take you to the application form and information regarding setting up your new standing ID.

If a University department is sponsoring your visit to campus, please have the department complete and submit the web form below.

University departments: please ensure that before the end of each spring semester you complete and submit the Departmental Annual Standing ID Form (formerly the “VIP Form”) along with an original, signed payment ID.

Department Guest Parking Reservation Request Form