Syracuse University provides complimentary Call-A-Bus passes to all faculty, staff and students who are eligible for the service.

  • Call-A-Bus is Centro’s paratransit program that provides transportation for people who are unable to ride Centro transit buses due to their disability.
  • This program is an origin-to-destination service that routinely provides curb-to-curb or door-to-exterior door service.
  • Service is available in the same area covered by Centro transit bus routes and extends beyond the area of each bus route by a 3/4 mile radius.

For additional details on Call-A-Bus or eligibility requirements, please call Centro at 315. 442.3400 or visit Centro’s website.

If you are approved for Centro’s Call-A-Bus service and would like to receive complimentary bus passes, please contact Karen Ryle at or call 315.443.4652.