Limousine Policy

Syracuse University 2021-2022 Limousine Policy

All limousine companies (including minibusses) must register their vehicles with the office of Parking and Transportation Services in order to gain access to campus games and events. Please review the information below and then complete the registration form.


Limousines will no longer be allowed within the inner campus area near the Dome during an event. Limousines have the following options:

Limousine Drop-Off and Pick-Up:

  • Vehicles are not allowed to wait on Main Campus during the event.
  • Limousines will be allowed to drop off and pick up at the corner of University Place and Crouse Drive.
  • Upon returning for pick up, we ask that you do not arrive any sooner than ½ hour prior to the end of the game. (Football=3 hrs. and Basketball=2 hrs.)
  • Pick up will be in the same location you dropped off. If you arrive on campus earlier, please hold at the Hookway Lot on E. Colvin Street or the Skytop and Comstock Ave/Colvin St. lots.

Limousine Drop-Off with Parking Option:

  • Limousine parking is available at the Skytop lot (Comstock Ave./Colvin St. lots for basketball).
  • Patrons must take the shuttle to and from the Dome.
  • Limousines will not be allowed access to the Dome at the conclusion of the event, drivers must wait for customers to return to your parking area. Please plan accordingly.

Failing to adhere to the Parking and Transportation policy during a University event will result in a loss of privileges on the Syracuse University campus. Should you have any questions, please contact the Parking and Transportation Office during business hours at 315.443.4652.

Limousine Registration

If you are planning on using a limousine to attend a game, please have the company complete our Limousine Registration Form.