Student Parking Permit Information

Please check back soon for Fall 2018 Permit Information.

Online permit sales for Spring 2017 will begin on Tuesday, Jan. 3.  The majority of students will be able to purchase parking permits through the Myslice platform.*

To determine if and where you are eligible to purchase a permit, please see the 2016-2017-Student-Lot-Criteria/Fees.

Please note:

  • Only areas with space available will be offered online for purchase. Students may place themselves on the waiting list for any area for which they qualify by clicking the right arrow until you see the “Manage Wait lists” option appear. Due to demand and volume, we cannot guarantee a placement from the wait lists. If space becomes available, we will contact you via email. Parking lots or garages requiring specific housing will not be granted to those who do not meet the housing criteria. If you plan on parking in a university owned lot, you must purchase a permit.
  • Freshman or first-year students are not permitted to have a vehicle on campus. Please reference the Freshman/First-Year Parking Policy for further information.
  • Permits are required for all campus lots. All students operating vehicles on campus are required to have a valid permit hanging from the vehicle’s rearview mirror.
  • Residents of Park Point and Campus West Apartments must submit an application by email, fax, US mail or bring to office in person to register for their parking permit. Please download an application from the PDF link below for 2016-2017 Student Parking Application Form. Please clearly indicate on the form that you are a resident of Park Point or Campus West, select for the entire time you need parking and follow the above sales schedule.
  • Early applications will not be accepted.
    Email, Fax (315) 443-9227,
    Bring or mail to: Syracuse University Parking Services
    621 Skytop Road / Suite 190
    Syracuse, New York 13244-5300
    To confirm it’s been received 315-443-4652.
  • Student Motorcycle permits are sold in the Parking Office ONLY. Please contact the Parking Office at (315) 443-4652 with questions.
  • The permit year for Student Parking Permits ends August 31, 2017.

If you have any further questions or require more information, please contact our office at 315-443-4652 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Summer hours are 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.                           


  • Commuters
    All non-resident students are eligible to purchase a permit in either Fine, Standart, Skytop, or Manley Field House. Additional selections for graduate students  include Booth Garage, Irving Garage (except for 1st year Law students), University Avenue Lot, or the University Avenue Garage. All students, including evening commuter students, that have a valid parking permit, may take advantage of our orange lots after 4:30 pm and on weekends except during Dome events.  These lots include Booth Garage, Fine, Harrison, Hillside, Lehman, Ostrom, Quad 4, Stadium, Standart, University Avenue Lot, Waverly, Women’s North and Women’s South. Students must present their SUID and Vehicle Registration when picking up their permit at the Office of Parking & Transit Services.
  • Residents
    Resident students will be notified by email each July for fall, academic or full year permit purchases in order of class standing, starting with graduate students, seniors, juniors, etc.  Upon notification, the student will log into their MySlice account to purchase a permit.  Students will select from the options list. The options listed will be only for those lots which the student is eligible based on housing and/or or class standing. If the student is eligible for a parking lot or garage but is currently sold out, the student may then place themselves on the wait list for the preferred lot. Please Note: By being on a wait list, you are not guaranteed a parking spot. If bringing a vehicle to campus, a permit must be purchased to park the vehicle on campus for the entire time needed. If contacted from the wait list of an opening, the current permit would be brought back to the office to exchange and pay accordingly for the new spot. All students with a valid permit may use any orange lot after 4:30 pm and on weekends except during Dome events.  These lots include Booth Garage, Fine, Harrison, Hillside, Lehman, Ostrom, Quad 4, Stadium, Standart, Waverly, Women’s North and Women’s South.  Students must present their SUID and Vehicle Registration when picking up their permit at the Office of Parking & Transit Services.
  • GA/TA/RA
    Discounted rates are applied only for academic-year or full-year permit purchases and offered to all graduate assistants, teaching assistants, and research assistants. Please make sure a permit is purchased online first to guarantee a spot for both semesters as space sells quickly! A complete copy of the assistantship contract, including the signed signature page, must then be provided to the Office of Parking & Transit Services. Please note that permits purchased will be at the full price rate! A discount to those qualified, will be given after review of the contracts. Only qualifying contracts will receive the discount for academic or full year assistantship contracts. (Permits pre-purchased and charged to the Bursar account, or to be payroll deducted, can be easily adjusted if discount is to be applied. Permits pre-purchased by credit card payment, will be adjusted after contacting the student for their credit card information if discount is to be applied.) If contracts are given by semester only, then both the fall and spring contracts would need to be provided to Parking & Transit Services in order to then receive an academic assistantship discount. If in addition, an assistantship contract for the summer is also received, a discount will be applied to equal the full year discount after review of the summer contract. Discounts will not be applied to those pending or expecting an assistantship. Permits purchased for Manley, Skytop, South Campus, or Evening Orange, do not qualify for the discount.

Purchasing a Permit:

  1. Log into MySlice ( using your NetID and password.
  2. Once logged into MySlice, go to the Student Services pagelet and click on the Parking and Transit Services link.
  3. Click on the Parking Services link to begin the permit purchase process.
  4. You will have several options. To purchase your new permit, select Get Permits.
  5. The permit listed will be for an area for which you are qualified. Purchasing for the entire time needed is recommended to secure a spot for both semesters. If not needed the following semester, the permit can be returned promptly for review of a pro-rated discount.
  6. After selecting a permit, agree to the Parking Rules and Regulations by checking the box and click Next.
  7. Select or add the vehicle you want your permit associated with and select Next. You will have to add a vehicle if there are none listed by clicking the Add Vehicle button.
  8. Permit Location, nothing is required, select next.
  9. Select the payment method and click continue with purchase.
  10. Please review the totals and click pay now.
  11. Your transaction is complete. Please print the page for your records.

All student permits for the 2016-2017 permit year will be available for pick up on or after Jan. 3, 2017.  Please bring your SUID card or Identification AND your Vehicle Registration with you at the time of pickup.  Students must pick up their permits up by Jan. 23 or the space will be surrendered.  That space will be then awarded to those on the wait lists.  Full refunds will be processed via the original payment within 7-10 business days.  If you need assistance during the process, please call our office at (315)443-4652.   

Parking office weekend schedule for January 2017:

Saturday Jan. 14 noon to 5 p.m.

Sunday, Jan. 15, noon to 5 p.m.


* If you are unable to purchase a parking permit through MySlice, please download, complete and submit the 2016-17 Student Application Form (PDF).