Student Lot Criteria Information

Parking Rates

Parking lot and garage rates for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Academic year = fall and spring semester; Full year = September through August

Surface Lots
Academic year$471.00
Full year$562.00
Summer session 1 or 2$99.00/each
Full summer$190.00
Academic year$930.00
Full year$1,113.00
Summer session 1 or 2$212.00/each
Full summer$421.00
Evenings (4:30 p.m. to 7 a.m. only)
Academic year$87.00
Full year$107.00
Park and Ride
Academic year$170.00
Full year$188.00
Summer session 1 or 2$57.00
Full summer$75.00
Colvin Street Lot (Formerly Manley South)Semester$101.00
Academic year$193.00
Full year$215.00
Summer session 1 or 2$65.00
Full summer$86.00
Comstock Ave Lot (Formerly Manley North)Semester$123.00
Academic year$236.00
Full year$262.00
Summer session 1 or 2$79.00
Full summer$105.00
South Campus Housing
Academic year$285.00
Full year$349.00
Summer session 1 or 2$67.00
Full summer$164.00
First issue$75.00
All replacements$75.00
Door Fobs
For pedestrian doors to garage$40.00
All replacements$40.00
Smart Cards
First issue$75.00
All replacements$75.00

Please note: Deposits on security devices are refunded only if returned to Parking and Transportation Services. Refunds are issued in the manner in which they were originally paid.

Lot/Garage List

List of available lots and garages to students.

Surface LotsGaragesPerimeter Lots
Harrison Street LotAdams Street Garage*Comstock Ave Lot (Formerly Manley North)
Henry Street LotBrewster Boland Garage*Colvin Street Lot (Formerly Manley South)
Lyons Hall Lot*Comstock Avenue Garage*South Campus*
Mount Olympus Lot*Irving Avenue Garage^ (not for first year law students)Skytop Lot (not for South Campus resident students)
Raynor Ave Lot^Lawrinson Garage^*
Shaw Hall Lot*University Avenue Garage^*
Standart Street East Lot*
Standart Street West Lot
Walnut Hall Lot*

*Indicates lot/garage requires residence requirement (see below).

^Indicates facilities that are available to graduate students only. (Irving Garage is available to all graduate students except first year law students.)

Please Note: Rooftop parking at all University owned garages is considered garage parking. Purchasing a garage parking permit does not guarantee an indoor or covered parking spot.

All other areas are available to all students depending on housing. Undergraduates residing at South campus are eligible for South campus ONLY.

Residence Requirements

Certain parking lots and garages have residency requirements. The chart below shows which residence hall you must reside in, in order to meet the requirement for a specific lot/garage. If a parking location that you qualify for is not offered when you sign onto MySlice to purchase, that lot/garage is sold out, and you should choose another location.

Adams Street Garage
Booth Hall
Dellplain Hall
Ernie Davis Hall
Haven Hall
Kimmel Hall
Marion Hall
Marley Center
Shaw Hall
Walnut Hall
Washington Arms
Watson Hall
Comstock Avenue Garage
Booth Hall
Ernie Davis Hall
Brewster/Boland Garage
Boland Hall
Brewster Hall
Brockway Hall
Marley Center
The Marshall
Mount Olympus Lot
Day Hall
Flint Hall
Lyons Hall Lot
Lyons Hall
Lawrinson Garage
Lawrinson Hall
Sadler Hall
Shaw Hall Lot
Shaw Hall
Standart East Lot
Sadler Hall
Lawrinson Hall
South Campus Lot
South Campus
University Ave Garage
The Marshall
Walnut Hall Lot
Walnut Hall

Other Important Information

  • All valid permits are honored in “Orange” lots after 4:30 p.m. and before 7 a.m., and on weekends except during Dome events. To find an “Orange” lot, please refer to the campus map.
  • All overnight visitors must be registered with the Office of Student Living. A computer generated confirmation and the visitor’s vehicle information must be presented before a guest permit can be purchased. No exceptions allowed.
  • All non-resident students (this includes all students living in sorority and fraternity housing and off-campus apartments) are eligible to purchase either a permit in Henry Street, Standart Street West, Harrison Street, Comstock Ave Lot, Colvin Street Lot, or Skytop. Additional selections for graduate students include Irving Garage (except for first year Law students), Lawrinson Garage, or the University Avenue Garage. Most surface lots and garages will sell out and may not be available. Due to limited inventory of parking spaces, Syracuse University will be unable to provide parking near your off-campus residence. Please contact your landlord to arrange parking at or near your off-campus residence.