Parking Citations and Fees

If your parking citation is not paid within 30 days, the citation fee will be doubled.

No Permit: $50.00
No permit displayed for lot

Illegal Parking:  $35.00
Parking in an illegal location

Counterfeit Permit or Fraudulent Use:  $150.00
Altering a permit or using a permit belonging to someone else

Accessible Space:  $125.00
Parking in a marked disabled space

Fire Lane:  $125.00
Parking in a Fire Lane

Cell Phone:  $100.00
(Issued only by DPS.)
Using a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle

Imprudent Speed:  $100.00
(Issued only by DPS.)
Traveling at an unsafe rate of speed

Seat Belt:  $100.00
(Issued only by DPS.)
Operating a motor vehicle without wearing a seatbelt

Stop Sign:  $100.00
(Issued only by DPS.)
Failure to stop at a stop sign