New Parking Lot and Garage Name Changes

In the coming weeks, you may notice new signage to designate parking garages and lots across campus. This work is the result of recommendations by an inclusive group of students, faculty and staff whose goal was to ensure accessibility, clarity, and consistency to the parking experience. New signage and new names for parking lots and garages should enhance wayfinding and improve the experience for our permit holders and visitors alike.

Your current parking permit will continue to be valid, even though there may be a discrepancy in your current permit name and the new name
given to the lot or garage.  When you complete your annual renewal and receive your new permit, it will reflect the new name of your home
parking lot or garage.

Below is a list of the lots that have been completed.  We will update this list as changes are made.

Previous Lot Name New Lot Name
Booth Garage Comstock Ave. Garage
Carnegie Lot Arch Strip
Day, Flint, Day/Flint Meters Mount Olympus Lot
Fine Henry St. Lot
Hillside Irving Ave. Hill Lot
Irving Garage Irving Ave. Garage
Lehman University Ave. South Lot
Marion Waverly Ave. Lot
Quad 1 Quad Lot
Quad 2 Lyman-Hinds Lot
Quad 3 Carnegie Lot
Quad 4 College Place Lot
Quad 5 Goldstein Alumni and Faculty Center Lot
Sadler Standart St. East Lot
Sadler Meter Lot Sadler Lot (no longer a meter lot)
Stadium Raynor Ave. Lot
Standart Standart St. West Lot
University Ave. Lot University Ave. North Lot
Warehouse West Warehouse Fayette St. Lot
Warehouse East Warehouse Washington St. Lot
Washington Arms Lot Washington Arms Comstock Lot
Washington Lot Washington Arms Harrison Lot
updated 7/18/19

We appreciate your patience as we complete this work.  If you have any questions, please contact our office at 315.443.4652 or