Important Parking Changes

As you may be aware, Syracuse University, as part of its Campus Framework initiative, will be making major changes to the campus environment (buildings, walkways, road access, parking areas, etc.). And while the changes will take place over a multi-year period, some have already started. Because of this, we want to make you aware of the following important information:

  • In order to create a more efficient campus traffic flow, enhance roadway safety, and ensure a seamless level of accessible transportation services, Syracuse University has restricted the University Place entrance off Comstock Avenue to Centro buses, shuttles, and emergency vehicles. All other vehicles must use the Euclid Avenue entrance off Comstock Avenue for access to College Place.
  • The entrance to the Q2 parking lot has been moved to College Place, as University Place, between South Crouse Avenue and College Place, has been remade into a pedestrian walkway called the Promenade. Therefore, Q2 parking patrons must use the Euclid Avenue entrance off Comstock Avenue to access College Place and the Q2 parking lot. In addition, the size of the Q2 lot has been greatly reduced. Those patrons affected have been moved to similar season parking lots near the Carrier Dome.
  • With the planned demolition of the Hoople Building near the corner of South Crouse Avenue and Marshall Street in September, portions of the Waverly parking lot may be temporarily restricted. Be assured that we will work to minimize the impact and communicate with affected Waverly season parking holders if necessary.
  • For patrons who come from the East Side of town and use University Place or Sims Drive to get to the Q1 or West Campus parking lots, you will need to use Waverly Avenue. Only patrons with season parking in P1, ARCH, CARN, and Q3 and coming from the east may use the Euclid Avenue entrance off Comstock Avenue to access those lots via Sims Drive.

If you have any questions, please contact Parking and Transit Services at 315-443-4652.