zimride by enterprise logoHow The Rideshare System Works

Syracuse University has a new private rideshare community through Zimride. You can access the FREE program using your syr.edu email at Zimride.com/syr. This program allows you to find rides with, or offer seats in your vehicle to other University community members.

Have a car?

Are you a commuter driving to campus? Are you driving to the grocery store? Do you have plans to go to New York City?

Do you have open seats?

Join Syracuse University Zimride and post your ride on Zimride.com/syr, and name your price to find riders to commute with you to help defer your costs.

Need a ride?

Join for free and look up posted rides heading in the direction you are looking to go in and find a ride.

Permit Holders

Have you already purchased a permit? Does your commuter partner have a permit? As a carpooler, you can share the cost of one permit between multiple riders. You also have the ability to return a parking permit to receive a prorated refund. In addition, commuters who are registered and actively participating in Zimride’s Rideshare at Syracuse have the option of parking at Booth Garage, at a discounted rate of $10.00 per day. Zimride members must identify themselves to get the discounted rate. This option is available for up to 10 uses per carpooler per year.  Contact Parking and Transit Services at 315.443.5507 if you have any questions or additional information.

Step By Step User Guide

1. Go to Zimride.com/syr

2. View the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

3. Sign up with email, enter your full name, SU email address, create a password, and select your affiliation.
4. Click Sign up. (When you sign up for your free account, you have agreed to all terms and conditions in the Terms of Use and  Privacy Policy.)

5. You will receive a message stating that a confirmation email has been sent to your email.

6. Go to your SU email account and click on the confirmation link.

7. You will be redirected to Zimride’s “Getting Started” page where you will be guided through step by step instructions to complete the process.


For specific questions about Zimride, contact support@zimride.com. For specific questions about Parking and Transit services please call the office at 315.443.4652.

Safety and Disclaimer
All faculty, staff, and students are advised to carefully read the Zimride Terms of Service and to be sure they can fully abide by the terms and conditions set forth in the agreement before participating in this service. By participating, you acknowledge that neither Syracuse University nor Zimride are responsible for the safety, comfort, successful travel arrangements, failed travel arrangements, personal belongings, or for any other liability with regard to your travel arrangements or the use of this system. Use caution when sharing contact or personal information. Never travel with someone you don’t trust.