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Parking Applications And Fees
Nov 06,2015 at 02:09:PM

                                                                 How to Purchase a Permit

Online permit sales for Spring 2016 will begin on Monday, January 4th. 
Please note: Only areas with space available will be offered on line for purchase. Students may place themselves on the waiting list for any area for which they qualify. Facilities requiring specific housing will not be granted to those who do not meet the housing criteria. Permits are required for all campus lots.
Residents of Park Point and Campus West Apartments cannot use the online system to register for their parking permit.  Please download an application from below (2015-2016 Student Parking Applicationand bring or fax (315-443-9227) the completed application to our office to purchase your permit.  Please clearly indicate on the form that you are a resident of Park Point or Campus West.

*Student Motorcycle permits are sold in the Parking Office ONLY.*
If you have any further questions or require more information, please contact our office at 443-4652 between the hours of 8:30 AM until 5:00 PM Monday - Friday.
Parking permits for purchase via the Parking and Transit Services online application process, which can be accessed through the MySlice portal.  You will need to know your MySlice NetID and password.  This is the username and password that was established upon admission to Syracuse University.  If you do not currently have this information, you can visit Need Login Help? on MySlice for step-by-step instructions to obtain it.   
You will have the option to purchase a permit in an area for which you are qualified.  If the permit you wished to purchase was not available you may add yourself to the waitlist using the add/edit waitlist link located above the purchase permit link on the parking online homepage.  If space becomes available we will contact you via email.  If you need to purchase a motorcycle permit, please contact the Parking Office at (315) 443-4652.
All students are required to have a valid permit hanging from the vehicle's rear view mirror.  Please verify and update any vehicle information.
Application Procedures
  1. Log into MySlice at using your NetID and password.
  2. Once logged into MySlice, go to the Student Services pagelet and click on the Parking and Transit Services link.
  3. Click on the Parking Services link to begin the permit purchase process.
  4. You will have several options.  To purchase your new permit, select Purchase Permits (your last option before logout).
  5. The permit listed will be for an area for which you are qualified. 
  6. After selecting a permit, agree to the Parking Rules and Regulations by checking the box and click Next.
  7. Select or add the vehicle you want your permit associated with and select Next.  You will have to add a vehicle if there are none listed by clicking the Add Vehicle button. 
  8. Select the payment method and delivery option for the permit you are purchasing.   You may add a new delivery option if you want the permit mailed to a different address by clicking the Add button. Please note that all gated area permits will need to be picked up.  After selecting the payment method and delivery option, click Checkout.
  9. Please review the totals and click next to proceed to make your payment.  
  10. Your transaction is complete. Please print the page for your records.

The permit that you purchased for 2013-14 will be available for pick up at the Parking and Transit Office.  If you need any assistance during the process, please call our office at (315) 443-4652.

  • Commuters
    All non - resident students are eligible to park in either Fine, Standart, Skytop, or Manley Field House. Additional selections for graduate students (except for 1st year Law students) include Booth garage, Irving garage or the University Avenue garage. All evening commuter students, with a valid permit, may take advantage of our orange lots after 5:00 PM and on weekends except Dome events.  These lots include Booth Garage, Harrison, Hillside, Lehman, Ostrom, Quad 4, Waverly, Women's North, Women's South Campus, Fine, and Standart lots. Manley permits may also use Fine, Standart, and Stadium after 5:00 PM and on Weekends barring Dome events.
  • Residents
    Students will be notified by email by class standing starting with graduate students, seniors, etc.  Upon notification, the student will log into their MySlice account to purchase a permit.  Students will select from the options list. The options listed will be only those lots for which the customer student is eligible based on housing and/or or class standing. If the student is eligible for a facility lot but that lot is currently sold out, the student must then place themselves on the wait list for the lot preferred.  All students with a valid permit may use any orange lot after 5:00 PM and on weekends except Dome events.  These lots include Booth Garage, Harrison, Hillside, Lehman, Ostrom, Quad 4, Waverly, Women's North, Women's South, South Campus, Fine, Standart, and Stadium.  Students must present their SUID when picking up their permit at the Office of Parking & Transit Services.
  • GA/TA/RA
    Discounted rates for academic or full-year permit purchases will be offered to all graduate assistants, teaching assistants, and research assistants. A copy of the signed contract must be submitted to the Office of Parking & Transit Services, in order to receive the discount. Discounts will not be applied to those pending or expecting an assistantship.
      Permits purchased for Manley do not qualify for the discount.

All Students:
  • Parking permits are required in all campus parking lots and will be valid by semester, academic year, or annually. Students whose permit has expired, must go online and purchase another permit.  If the facility is full, the student should place their name on a wait list for that lot. 
  • Students may purchase a park and ride permit for the Manley Field House and Skytop parking lots for a nominal fee. There is free shuttle bus service between Manley, Skytop and Main Campus. Please check Campus and Syracuse area bus and train schedules.
  • Permits are valid in any "Orange" lot after 5:00 PM until 7:00 AM and all day on weekends except during Dome events.  Orange lots include Harrison, Lehman, Hillside, Stadium, Fine, Standart, Booth, Ostrom, Q4, Women's Building North, Women's Building South, Manley North, Manley South and Skytop.

First-year students must petition for the possession and/or responsibility of motor vehicles prior to bringing them onto campus by writing to Parking and Transit Services, 621 Skytop Road, Syracuse, New York 13244. Permission to operate a motor vehicle on campus will be granted if:
  • The student has a physical disability that requires the student to use a motor vehicle, as attested to by University Health Services.
  • The student is a commuter and resides outside of the University's bus service.
  • The student is employed off campus (which must be certified in writing by the employer on company letterhead) and the motor vehicle is required for the performance of the employee's duties.
  • The student is participating in a University - accredited program off campus (which must be certified in writing by the Dean on department letterhead) and the motor vehicle is required for the performance of the student's duties.
  • The student is married and living with his/her spouse.

Students participating in limited residency programs must complete the application and return it to parking services at least two weeks prior to their arrival on campus.  Permits are mailed directly to the student unless received after the two week deadline - permits received within the two week mailing time will be sent to the program administrator for the program in which the student is enrolled.  The student can obtain their permit from the department at the point of registration or check in.


Disabled spaces and permits are designated by signs bearing the national disabled parking symbol. These spaces are for use by students, faculty and staff members with disabilities as defined by federal and state law.  Special parking is not available for reasons other than disabilities.

    • If you have a government issued placard allowing you to park in spaces designated for parking for people with disabilities then:

1.     If you also already have an SU parking permit for a specific lot, please provide a copy of that government issued placard to Parking Services and you can use the designated disabled parking spaces in your assigned lot.

2.     If you do not already have an SU parking permit and upon providing a copy of the government issued placard to Parking Services, you will be granted priority to apply for and purchase a parking permit (at regular rates).

3.     If you are not assigned to a lot that best meets your needs, you will be assigned to the Fine lot which has a fully accessible shuttle which runs on a regular basis throughout the day.  When the shuttle is not running (e.g., evenings, weekends, and University breaks), the Fine permit allows for parking at alternate locations on campus.

    • If you do not have a government issued placard but you have a disability as defined by federal and state law, you will be assigned to the Fine lot for 30 days to allow you to obtain the government-issued placard.
    • If you do not have a government issued placard but you have a temporary medical condition such that you need special parking, you will be assigned to the Fine lot for 30 days.  If additional time is needed or if you have questions or concerns please direct your request per below:


If you are a student—to the

Health Services

111 Waverly Ave.

Syracuse, New York 13244

Phone: 315-443-9001

Fax: 315-443-9010



      • If you are a faculty member or an employee—to the

Equal Opportunity, Inclusion and Resolution Services   

Steele Hall, room 003
Syracuse, New York 13244
Phone:  (315) 443-5367

Fax: (315) 443-5021



Parking is available for faculty and staff by assignment in various locations on campus.  Assignments are based on titles, years of service to the University, on a space available basis, and payment of the applicable permit fee.  Permits are valid from August 1 through July 31.  Prorated refunds may be obtained by surrendering the parking permit to the Parking and Transit Services office prior to May 1 of each year.  Should a faculty or staff member surrender their parking permit, the faculty or staff member may be subject to forfeiture of their current assignment, wait lists, and other parking restrictions on a space available basis. 


·         2015-2016 Service Permit Application   
Temporary parking for lots more logistically convenient to main campus is accessed through the use of service and delivery permits. 
·         Above is the link to the Service and Delivery Pass request form for the 2013-2014 fiscal year. Please fill the form out with the permit needs for your area and attach an ID form to pay for these passes.
The levels of access and cost of the permits are stated below:
Service I Permits are valid in all lots except R-lots. The permit has no time limit. These permits cost $250.00
Service II Permits are valid in all lots except R-lots. The permit is limited to 2 hours. These permits cost
Service III Permits are for perimeter campus lots to include Booth, Irving and University Avenue Garages, as well as the Women's Building South lot. The permit is limited to 2 hours. Each Service III Permit costs
Service Permits are not issued to individuals. Service Permits are sold to departments only, but are interchangeable between staff members within the department. Service permits are to be used for University business not personal convenience. Service permits are valid on a space available basis, and availability is determined by the lot attendant on duty. If you need to park in a lot for more than the two hours offered by the Service II and III Permits, please contact the office to make other arrangements.
Service permits are never valid in gated areas, cone spaces, "R" lots, fire lanes, reserved spaces for persons with disabilities, loading zones, metered spaces or any other area posted as "NO PARKING." Service permits are not valid with a Manley home lot or a student permit. Service permits are not valid during Carrier Dome events unless specifically stated on the permit.
Please fill out the form and return it with an ID form for payment.
  • Delivery permits are available for a fee of $25.00, but must be requested on the above application. They are available to campus departments that can demonstrate and verify a specific need for special parking. These permits are valid for a maximum of 30 minutes. Please request delivery permits on the Service Permit Application.  These permits are not valid during Dome events.
Parking Services also reserves the right to revoke service and delivery permits when privileges are abused.

  • Any visitor or member of the University community may purchase a temporary parking permit.  Visitor permits will be considered invalid if used on a vehicle with outstanding violations. 
  • Temporary parking permits are also available to a person with a vehicle registered on campus that is required to drive a non - registered car for a short period while the registered car is being repaired and to new employees prior to receipt of the first University paycheck.
  • To be valid, a temporary parking permit must contain date, designated lot in which parking is authorized and signature of issuing authority. 
  • A short-term permit must be purchased by anyone parking a vehicle on campus for a period of more than one week but less than 30 days, after which time a permanent decal must be purchased to renew registration.
  • Anyone parking on campus for more than 30 days will be required to purchase a regular decal at the standard registration fee.

Special Permits are available to qualified persons upon application to Parking Services and payment of the applicable fee. The rules and procedures governing issuance of these various permits are available upon request.
  •  2015-2016 Emeritus Application - Permits shall be issued only to those individuals awarded the position of Emeriti Faculty by the Board of Trustees, and who have completed the necessary application. These permits are valid in any permit lot except R lots, and those lots restricted by gate arms or garage doors. These permits are not valid during Dome Events. 
  • 2015-2016 Press Application - permits shall be issued only to credential reports visiting the University on a regular basis. Approval of a press application must be obtained from SU News Services. SU News Services can be reached at  (315) 443 - 3784 . These permits are valid in any permit lot except R lots. Students, faculty and staff members are not eligible for press permits. These permits are restricted during Dome events.
  • 2015-2016 Vendor Application -Permits shall be issued only to recognized vendors who serve the University on a regular basis. Students and faculty/staff members are not eligible for vendor permits. These permits are not valid during Dome events.

Other Permits
  • Motorcycles and mopeds are permitted in certain campus areas and may be operated by all legally qualified students, faculty and staff members. The vehicle application, listed above, is used to apply for a motorcycle permit.
  • Motorcycles and mopeds must be registered, with the appropriate fee paid, and they must be parked only in designated motorcycle parking areas.
  • Proper permit display: Place permit on the front left shock absorber.

Other Parking Applications/Forms   

Note: ***Please fill out the appropriate application in the PDF format, select submit and the form will be emailed to our office.***  Or print out and either mail to Syracuse University, Parking and Transit Services, 621 Skytop Road Suite 190, Syracuse, NY  13244 or fax to (315) 443-9227.


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